Wine tastings in Buenos Aires
Publication date: 01.06.2013

FOR visitors to Argentina, missing out on Mendoza, the country’s main wine region, doesn’t mean missing out on its wines — or, for that matter, those of other Argentine regions. In the last few years, a number of wine-tasting opportunities have opened in Buenos Aires, offering samples of the best the country’s vineyards have to offer.
The Top 10 restaurants in Mendoza
Publication date: 30.06.2013

Visitors to Mendoza — city and province — tend to have their eye on one pressing matter, and one pressing matter only: fermented grape juice. The reputation of Argentina’s greatest wine-producing province precedes it, however: it’s not just Malbec and its sibling varietals that are hogging the spotlight. A host of restaurants in Mendoza are making waves with their gastronomical and enological offerings, from steak flame-grilled seven ways to closed-door establishments and Asian fusion cuisine. If you missed out on the glorious Masters of Food & Wine Mendoza event taking place 1-4 May, never fear — you can play catch-up with our lowdown on 10 of the best eateries in and around Mendoza.
A Russian sommelier in the making - How Ways of Wine Argentina was founded
Publication date: 29.06.2013

From the beginning, I started to meet people connected to the wine world and by chance I was invited to take part in the movie El camino del vino about (Uruguayan wine educator) Charlie Arturaola. It was filmed in Tempus Alba bodega in Mendoza, which belongs to a friend of mine, and at the shoot I met a fantastic group of people. Afterwards, Charlie invited me to have dinner and try some wine, and it was such a privilege to dine with someone who is so knowledgeable. “I started to meet more people in the industry and receive consultations from Russia, so I realized I needed to do something with it. I came up with the idea of setting up a website about Argentine wine, then I met someone who works in wine travel so another part of the business — tours to wineries — was formed — and my company is called Ways of Wine, in honour of Charlie’s movie. As far as I understand, it is the only resource in Russian about Argentine wines.”

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