About Us

Ways of Wine fosters the development of Argentinean wine; from the picking of the grapes off the vine, to that moment of bliss when the glass touches your lips. It is an international project that incorporates all aspects of wine in Argentina; from its heritage, future, routes and vineyards; to trade, investment, education and experience. Wine collection, storage and tasting are our passion. We collaborate with experienced professionals who, like us, are motivated by the uncompromising pride and quality, and the unforgettable moments and tastes that characterize the wines of Argentina.

Our friends and partners

  • Charlie Arturaola – The distinguished sommelier and wine educator Charlie Arturaola is a household name in culinary and oenological circles, and considered one of the nation’s “top 10 palates” by the American Sommelier Association. Charlie also provides expert appraisals of private cellars for risk management and asset valuation.
  • Aldo Graziani – one of the most well known sommelier in Argentina and owner of a popular vinoteca and wine bar in Buenos Aires.
  • Nigel Tolerman – owner manager, sommelier, and wine consultant from UK based in Buenos Aires. He works extensively as a wine consultant to individuals (Francis Ford Coppola among them), investors, and trade, and is a tasting panel member for a number of local publications.

Among other partners

Partners in Russia

Ways of Wine project was founded and is managed by Katerina Medvedeva, a journalist from Russia based in Buenos Aires. Read our story in Buenos Aires Herald.

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